A definite knack for words

The New York Sun

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This New York Sun knows how to start off an editorial:

O Christian Martyr Who for Truth could die
When all about thee Owned the hideous lie!
The world, redeemed from superstition ’s sway,
Is breathing freer for thy sake today.

Those are the words of John Greenleaf Whittier on the monument of one of the women of Salem, Rebecca Nurse, who went to the gallows in the summer of 1692 for being a witch. Now, more than 300 years later, our greatest pundits are pulling their chins over a long-ago television broadcast in which the Republican nominee for Senate from Delaware talks about a teenage escapade in which she went with a friend who dabbled in witchcraft and sat on what may have been a wiccan altar, though she wasn’t aware of it at the time for the lack of blood.

Why can’t we do that in Chicago?


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