So the man misplaced his key phrase. Meeting a deadline, we presume . . .

Sun-Times man to his AFTERNOON EDITION readers couple hours ago:

Maybe you already knew this, but today I learned that the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse was built way back in 1893 ā€” and reconstructed in 1917.

He’s right, of course, about me, anyhow. I did not already know he learned that today, or anything else, for that matter. I also did not know that about the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse.

He’s got my attention, however, and I will pay more attention to his learning curve.

All in all, he has an impressive portfolio. Check him out.


By Jim Bowman

Jim Bowman covered religion 1968-78 for the Chicago Daily News, since then has written books, articles, etc., mostly on corporate history but also on religion (Company Man: My Jesuit Life, 1950-1968), and more recently on politics (Illinois Blues: How the Ruling Party Talks to Voters --, Kindle). Longtime Oak Park, Illinois, resident, he lives now on Chicago's North Side, where four of his and Winnie's six children live close by.

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